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By the way, we're The Freemans!

  • Are published authors of the book, The Argument Hangover (#1 New Release)
  • Have hosted and led over 49 couples workshops in person (and over 60 online)
  • Are Couples Coaches who have reached over 1,000,000 couples around the world
  • Lead an accredited certification program for relationship coaches around the world
  • Our work has been acknowledged by Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi in their largest online event ever!
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Pre-Reading Before the WebClass (Optional, but helpful)
Step-by-step ways to shift from unhealthy conflict to healthy conflict
A guide for how to communicate so that both of you feel understood
The 5 R's to repairing after a conflict to fully forgive each other
"There's no one better than The Freemans. We were really stuck in our communication, and they. helped us immediately." - Walter
"We originally heard about the Freemans through my nutrition coach who recommended them. Though our relationship is great, their content took us to the next level." -Trina
"The Freemans are so relatable and make you feel comfortable with sharing important details of your marriage which allows them to be able to help you with whatever your challenges are." - Chauncey
"The Freemans really helped us improve our communication and resolve conflict faster." -Jeremy
Common Questions:
1. Can I attend if my partner can't?
Yes, attend and share the information with them afterwards!
2. Are we attending this privately? Our faces won't be seen?
You have the option to turn your camera on or off. You attend and don't have to share with the group, you can just watch.
3. Do we have to be married to attend?
The content applies to any couple in any stage of relationship. 
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